Here’s a great way to promote your business, reach potential customers and help support your local park district.

Golf Maine Park District (GMPD) serves over 13,000 households in an unincorporated area comprised of north Park Ridge and northeast Des Plaines and a part of western Niles. The district’s residents are families looking for products, entertainment, dining and professional services. So how can you reach them with your message in a cost effective manner?

GMPD offers a variety of sponsorships of events and activities throughout the year. Plus, the district has a bi-annual program brochure with affordable advertising options starting at just $250. Please take just a minute to call Alexander Barton at 847-698-5069 or email alexander@bartonchicago.com to learn about the options which make sense for your marketing goals and budget. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Youth Sports Sponsorship Form

If you are interested in sponsoring one of our youth sports teams please print and fill out this form. The cost to sponsor a team is $125. Please fill out the form and select the sport you would like to sponsor. Mail or drop off the application with payment to the park district.


Did you have one of those great coaches growing up, the one that really inspired you to excel and learn a whole bunch about the sport you love? Are you interested in dedicating a small portion of your time back into the community? Either way or if you have another reason, here is your chance to volunteer with the district. Download the form and return it to one of the two buildings.

Volunteer Application Form

Do you need to knock off some community service hours? Maybe you just want to dedicate a little time to the park district you grew up enjoying. Either way, fill out and submit the form below.

Community Service Application

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