John Jekot

Executive Director

If you have been around Dee Park lately, you probably noticed that the amount of light poles have nearly doubled than what was there before.  That’s because the 10 new light poles have finally been installed.  With the severe winter we have been experiencing this project is taking longer than expected.  Every effort is being made to have everything done by April 1st.  The next step in the project is to remove the old poles from the ground.  At the same time this is being done, trenching will be done to each pole so that conduit can be laid in order to feed the wiring through the conduit to each pole.

This high-tech lighting will direct lighting directly to the ground with not much “spill out” around the streets and neighborhood.  With that said you will notice on a few of the poles an additional light fixture has been mounted that is pointed upwards.  The reason for this is that when a ball is airborne, these lights will be lighting the ball as it’s in flight.  You can see this additional fixture in the picture below.

I wish I was writing this telling you that the project is complete.  Unfortunately the weather conditions did not allow this to happen.  Rest assured that when this project is done, we will have a “State of the Art”  lighting system that will be enjoyed for years to come