John Jekot

Executive Director

If you have been over at Dee Park lately, you probably have noticed some construction going on around the outdoor fitness equipment.  We are adding a safety surface under two pieces of equipment. What is being added under two of the pieces of equipment is a protective safety surface.  When complete this surface will be a “SafetyFoam” cushioned pad and will look like artificial turf.  It will only be installed under the two pieces of equipment that a user is not in contact with the ground while exercising. This project is to be completed by Thanksgiving.

Another “Soon to Begin Project” is the athletic fielding lighting.  The existing lighting system is nearly 40 years old.  This “state of the art” LED athletic field lighting system is being installed to replace the failing current system that is well overdue for replacement.  This new system drastically reduces the amount of light that “spills” over around the perimeter of the park, and directs the light more towards the field.  This project is expected to be completed sometime in December.